Here at Martin Kilby Farm we have primarily focused on providing quality beef directly to our customers. 

Our cows are purchased from local farmers who are personal friends of ours.  They come to Martin Kilby Farm as small calves and summer on pasture in the shadow of Mount Katahdin in Benedicta, Maine.  In the winter-time we feed a mostly grass diet with a small amount of grain.  Our beef is processed locally at a USDA inspected facility. We believe this is the highest quality beef you can buy.


We started with free-range Thanksgiving turkeys for the 2010 holiday.  Since then we have continued to provide fresh Thanksgiving turkeys but have expanded to whole chickens during the summer as well.  We have frozen poultry available to our customers year-round. 
We are organically certified for our vegetables and grow mostly root crops. For 2015 we have carrots, beets, and potatoes available in diced frozen 2-lb packages.

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